Grow spiritually, Give freely, Act kindly, In the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.
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Programs for Youth

Youth Program at Regional Assembly

Friday, October 24 to Sunday October 26
Celebration Community Church, 5790 230th Avenue, Hays
Come and gather with others around the region for a meaningful and fun time of learning and fellowship.

We recommend lodging at the Days Inn, 3205 Vine St, Hays
Early bird discount expires September 19
Information and Registration

International Affairs Seminar for CYF
Friday, Mar. 13 to Saturday, Mar. 21
New York City & Washington D.C.


KCYF Cabinet!

KCYF Cabinet members are Nic Augustin, Hannah Eagon, Bailey Ethridge, Megan Laffery, Mady McColm, Julia Peck, Andrea Thompson, Susan Webb, Kayly Schoming, and Larin Tucker. The adult sponsors are Travis Smith McKee, Joe and Sharon Bullock, and Steve Martin.

KCYF Cabinet members for 2013-14 are expected to take part in these events: Leadership Training, August 23-24 at Disciples Center at Tawakoni January Cabinet, date TBA Spring Retreat, Feb. 29—March 2, 2014 In addition, Cabinet members are highly encouraged to take part in KCYF Mission Week each summer.