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Kansas Disciples Women (KDW) provides leadership and resources for all local units of Christian Women's Fellowship and Disciples Women's Fellowship. The Cabinet is led by a President, Linda Kemp; First Vice President, Ruth Kenton; Second Vice President, Karen Keidaisch; and Recorder, Rebecca Burton.

Each of the five districts in the region are represented by two representatives and other members of the cabinet include an ecumenical representative; a young woman's representative; a Church Women United representative; a communications director, Retreat and Spirit Fest coordinators and well as a Quadrennial Publicity coordinator.

50 People from the Christian Church in Kansas Attend Quadrennial 2010: Front row: Dana Scheele, Alexis Jones, Janie Jones, Heather Bieker, Miranda Bennett, Danielle Piper, Linda Kemp, Carrie Lancaster, Cheryl Tinkler, Barb Runge. Second row: Diane Mitchell, JoAnn Chance, Pat Wheeler, Maybelle Bowen, Mickie Huckins, Isabel Finch, Mary K Thelman, June Moore. Third row: Laura Dargitz, Donna Bradford, Tresa Landis, Patti Allen, Vicki Thornton, Becky Duncan, Erin Sack, Alice Bushman, Sandy Bushman. Fourth row: Unidentified, Shirley Cook, Connie Skinner, Barb Miller, Tanya Purvis, Christina Dew, Ruth Lackey, Lorene Burch, Fran Gast, Ruth Kenton, Marge Hungate. Fifth row: Patti Keithley, Jodi Hime, Jauna Khan, Kay Powell, Christy Dew, Mary Ann Barnes, Frank Blodgett, Sara Davis Blodgett, Becky Stauffer, Rita Allen. Not pictured: Gladys Meek and Kelsey Haflich.

The cabinet offers two retreats each year, scheduled back-to-back in October at the regional campground , near Augusta, with a national speaker. The retreats provide opportunities for workshops, service and fellowship with women from across the region.

Three Spirit fests are presented in three widespread locations in the spring of each year to introduce the latest study materials and offer worship and fellowship opportunities. 

Once every four years, women from Kansas travel to the Quadrennial Assembly. This international event is a mountaintop experience of worship, music, interest groups and hands on service opportunities attracting 3,000 Disciples women and friends.

The Cabinet also administers two scholarship funds to assist women interested in attending the annual retreat (Helen Schwab Scholarship) and the Quadrennial Assembly (Marie Lindberg Scholarship).DWF groups across the region are very supportive of Kansas Christian Home, providing crafts for the annual bazaar, and giving gifts to residents. While not official, Kansas Christian Home is a project near to the hearts of Disciples Women.

For Further information about Disciples Home Missions and Disciples Women please click here.