Grow spiritually, Give freely, Act kindly, In the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.
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The Mission of the Spirituality Priority Committee is:


  • Deepen ministers' and congregational members' spirituality and rededication to God


  • Developing enthusiasm for deepening our spiritual dimension
  • Identifying and/or generating resources
  • Setting goals and developing strategies for encouraging all ministers and members to deepen their spirituality
  • Adding spiritual dimensions to regional meetings
  • Holding spiritual retreats and publicizing other available events
  • Developing Spirituality Workshops for the Regional Event as needed
  • Communicating about Spirituality efforts and opportunities through the Kansas Messenger and
  • Proposing the Spirituality Priority budget

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For more information about Spirituality activities in Kansas contact the Spirituality Priority Chairperson, Danny Ginn at or Associate Regional Minister Ken Marston at

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