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Summer Leadership Internship 2015

Christian Church in Kansas
Camp & Conference Ministry – Program Team

Background & Purpose:
     Within the Kansas Region, summer Church Camp is a high priority. Those who have participated and matured through the camp program (now college-age students) are typically able and willing leaders who have excellent talents to offer. These young adults are often the most dedicated individuals, as they have benefited greatly from their own experience in camp. These individuals are also in a place of great financial need for resources to continue their college education.
     The Summer Leadership Intern program enhances a young person’s college experience and may help a young person in determining a life vocation. Preference is given to those individuals considering ministry as a career option. While individuals from other Regions are considered, Kansas applicants are given first consideration. Applicants must be currently enrolled in college and preference is given to those who have completed two successful years of college education.

Interns are expected to:

1) Be accountable to the Regional staff person who supervises the Camp;
2) Participate in a Leadership Training held during the week prior to Memorial Day;
3) Be available throughout the summer (June and July ending early in August) to serve in the Region’s camp programs;
4) Serve a specific program need (music leadership, pool supervision/life guard, etc.), and at times, to fill in as a Counselor along with other volunteers;
5) Serve in facilities maintenance and cleaning (kitchen, grounds upkeep, maintenance/cleaning, etc.);
6) Interns are expected to be an appropriate role model for youth and others, and to represent the Region in the most favorable way possible;
7) Read and discuss a book in a weekly meeting with other interns with an aim to increase understanding of Christian leadership;
8) Acknowledge and abide by all camp policies and guidelines.

1) A full day off each week
2) Room & Board at the camp throughout the summer
3) A weekly stipend ($75) and Scholarship of at least $2,000 - IF the Intern serves the entire summer program.

Application Process:
1) An application is available in December through February each year.
2) Qualification criteria and three references (name and contact info) are required: your pastor and two others who know your work
3) Applications are due March 1. Selection process is completed by March 31.
4) A committee of Camp & Conference members and regional staff review applicants and make the final selection.

Download PDF, it is interactive, which enables you to type on  it, re-save it with your name and attach it to an email to send back to the Topeka office at

NOTE: There will be a 2-3 week probationary period when the Camp may determine an individual is "not the right fit” in which the Intern may be dismissed.